Hourly Support

Computer PC Repair and IT Help for home and business


Has dealing with technology problems prevented you from getting down to business? With expert computer software help from our highly skilled technicians, you never have to worry about what might happen if something goes wrong with your IT. It’s like having your very own IT department, one hour at a time.

The experts at ABS Computer Consulting are on-call for all the computer PC repair and IT help you need to take the spotlight off of IT problems and put it back on running your business.

Our Hourly Support solutions include:

  • Your complete nerve center for IT that’s integral to your business – experienced support whenever you need it
  • Customized support – pay for the service you need, as you need it
  • Rapid service and support – keep your business humming
  • Higher profit margins – let you take advantage of the same technology employed by large firms


Focus on your business knowing that you have your IT completely under control with ABS. We provide the computer software help & support and computer PC repair that allows you to manage your business.

Whether you need computer help & support, computer repair, help fixing computer problems, IT help, software help, online computer support, computer tech support, PC help, PC repair, online & remote computer repair, or computer diagnostics, we’re there when you need us.

Any chance of a problem becoming a big deal with your IT in the next six months? Put your business in good hands with our IT help, before another problem arises.